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Mediterranean Sea Cup U19

Mediterranean Sea Cup U19
Warszawa Polska


Side/Manavgat, a pearl by the Mediterranean, has been visited over the years by many Scandinavian and European top clubs. We are now offering a completely unique opportunity for winter training, comprising stays at Side/Manavgat, a drive of only approx. 45 minutes from the airport at Antalya. These hotels are 4* and 5* hotels, all inclusive with fitness centres, massage rooms and pools. They are situated just outside Side/Manavgat, right down to the Mediterranean with its good bathing beaches, promenade and exciting harbour environment. Side/Manavgat is an attractive, small holiday town situated in the Turkish Riviera along the Mediterranean. The pleasant holiday area features modern coffee bars side-by-side with antique temple ruins and pleasant shopping streets, restaurants and music bars, making it an extremely nice holiday town with a cosy atmosphere. A total of 11 football fields go with the hotel, all in perfect condition. The good accommodations and training facilities, combined with one of Europe\'s best climates, provides the absolute best conditions for a successful training stay.

  • Probably the biggest winter cup in Europe.
  • Only Scandinavian and European top clubs.
  • Tournament period 27.02 - 08.03 2016.
  • Cup tournament (8 teams)
  • High matching level.
  • Many training matches.(min 4)
  • Superlative possibilities for training.(min 6)
  • Superb accommodations and training facilities.
  • All training equipment is disposal on the training ground.
  • Free energy drink, water and bottles.
  • Free laundry 2 times daily.
  • All transport between airport, grounds and hotels are included.
  • Exclusive stay and event for sponsors. ( must be ordered separately)


For further information’s about training camps in Manavgat (Turkey) and tournament details please contact us directly.


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